Is it aligned though?

I can bet you’ve seen the term ‘Alignment’ thrown around. But what does alignment mean — what does it mean to you?

For me, it means that
• it feels right
• it empowers me
• it lights me up

It means that even when I am in back to back meetings or focused head-down working, I am working and moving with purpose. For me it’s always meant that the days of working in the city five days a week, for someone else, are over. Thank you, internet.

a l i g n m e n t ✨
• At the beginning of last year I knew I needed to become “realigned” with my business. Or at least my clients. Which are obvvvv my whole business.
• Suddenly, everyone was embracing what I’d been preaching to them for years. Social media is powerful. Technology CAN be used for good.
• Working in tech, I’d always have my fair share of zoom calls each week. But this was A WHOLE new level of connected, I was booked with calls solid for weeks at a time. Needless to say, it got really weird and I HAD to start bowing out of *all* the zooms. IYKYK.
• I had to set boundaries.

b u t w h a t d o e s i t m e a n ✨
• Upgrade your branding, your website, your goals, your services. Work on your client list. Automate your stuff. All of it! As much as you can.
• Saying no to calls. Or, saying yes to new projects. Do whatever feels right. I always say this but, it’s true — you can simply do *what ever* you want, with every moment. Hire a team, or don’t, but either way, take time to improve the way you operate your business AND make it feel good for you as a person.

a s k f o r h e l p ✨
• I help my clients find that elusive thing we’re calling alignment. You do get to love your job. I know this, because I love mine. Let’s goooo.


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