Everyone’s a social media “expert” now a days, and it’s annoying

CALLING ALL Social Media Managers!!!

I’m working on something for you. It’s a bit of a VIP Day but totally virtual, way faster, + way less dramatic …..LOL HI, I’m Jaclyn (branding + systems extraordinaire) and I’m determined to help new (and burnt out) social media managers learn all the things. Specifically, all the things I’ve learned over the last 10 years of working with clients, building a team, and ultimately living my dream life.

LONG story short, when I was first working with clients, this industry wasn’t as big, saturated, or accessible as it is now; the resources were kinda slim! I’m coming at you with years of trial and error; a ton of real-life experience, and countless lessons.

Why? Well, nowadays, everyone’s an expert, and it’s annoying!

Everyone you know or follow on here has some magic strategy or the secret to making 6 figures without spending a dollar your first year in business — even though it’s THEIR first year in business? Well, not to be a hater but I’ll tell you what, the first year, no matter who you “work with” or what you do — you’re going learn a lot; about business, about yourself, about life. It’s just a matter of how quickly and efficiently you can do it.

Okay, BRB. I’m whipping up the perfect cocktail for you! Everything you need and nothing you don’t. If you’re a SMM or a VA and you’re looking for someone who can ACTUALLY HELP you get to the next level, (+ doesn’t paralyze you with a never ending to-do list) I might have just the thing for you.

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Who needs this? You, probably. Business owners who need help with systems, processes + organization for a smoother running business. Busy founders who need consultation and a plan to move the needle forward.

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