You’re looking at people online with the kind of business you dream of thinking that they know something you don’t. That, if you juuuust had access to that “special” strategy or tactic then your business would be where you want it to be.

That mindset isn’t serving you. Here’s why.
Tony Robbins was right when he said that success leaves clues.

The best part?

So many of those clues are available for us all to access for free at the click of a Google search or laid out in a book or podcast episode.

We buy into limiting beliefs that others know something we don’t as a coping mechanism to protect us from taking responsibility for not taking action.

I know this may feel triggering, but I also know that getting introspective and thinking about how this may be showing up for you may be exactly what you need to transform the face of your business.

Just imagine what could happen from CONSISTENTLY deep diving into the strategies that, feel good to you and you KNOW work because others have already paved the way.

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