sharing my mantra with you ♥

I urge you to be gently
and respectfully
dangerous —
to the status quo
to society’s status quo

THEY will only benefit
from being confronted
by the adventure
of your refusal to conform

if you think average = safe
you’re not paying very much attention

I’ve found that I’m happiest
when walking alongside the ones
whom society labels —

out there

those who are the different
who have CHOSEN to be
unique notes in the melody of life

in a sea of manipulative
meetings and
loosened neckties
faux freedom
and underpaid geniuses

these long and dead —
customs, ideas, expectations
such as retirement
centralized control
and treating people as machines;
are all antiquated

freedom isn’t free
but it is simple 🌎

requiring only
the constant choice to move
against the enormous
social gravity of a culture
filled with the buzzing
momentum of drones
and ATM machines

follow the tune of your soul!
that soundless hum that whispers
or yells, if you’re like me —
inside your heart and your gut

your gut
it knows your reason
for being here and it will
show you the way if you let it

and if I may make a suggestion ……
STOP chasing, for you ARE the prize!

stop controlling,
because surrender
contains true freedom
that you can’t imagine
until you feel it

to yourself, and to others
and to what this planet can tell you
and teach you about you

start moving ✨
for movement is life

be responsibly dangerous 🔥
because in a world of dull conformity,
it might be the only way to advance!

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